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Registrirani uporabniki

Preko spodnjega obrazca registrirani uporabniki dostopate do tehnično podpornih vsebin za Ewon Flexy, OPC Router in KEPWARE OPC Server.

Neregistrirani uporabniki

Če še niste registrirani lahko svoj uporabniški profil za dostop do tehnično podpornih vsebin ustvarite z vnosom podatkov v spodnjem obrazcu.

Ob registraciji se strinjate s Politiko zasebnosti.

Connect to the Ewon Web interface

Your Ewon Flexy can be configured through its built-in webserver and configuration wizards.  

For a Flexy 205, we recommend connecting your PC’s Ethernet port to port 1 (Bottom left corner) of your Flexy for this configuration.

For other models of Flexy, we recommend connecting your PC’s Ethernet port to a port on the base of the Flexy.

The companion software tool, eBuddy Download, makes accessing the Flexy’s webserver easy. Install and launch eBuddy. eBuddy will display all accessible Ewon devices. 

Select your Flexy and click “Open Browser” from the menu. 

The default username for the Flexy’s webserver is “adm” and the default password is “adm”.