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Osnovno ožičenje modema Ewon Flexy

Wire the power connector of the Flexy

The Flexy has its power connector already plugged in when it comes out of the box.

While the power supply (12-24 VDC) is not powered on, wire the Flexy power connector which is located at the bottom of the device to this power supply. To do so, wire the cables as follows: 

  • VDCcable goes into the "+"
  • GND cable goes into the "-"

Connect to other devices & Networks

Connect the Flexy to the different Network & devices 


The default Ethernet switch configuration is:

  • Ethernet port 1/2/3 dedicated to LAN (Machine,PLC,HMI, ...)
  • Ethernet port 4 is dedicated to WAN (Internet connection)


WIFI & Cellular Cosy models can use either Ethernet or specific connectivity as WAN interface


Additional extension cards such as FLA3301 can be used to link the Flexy with serial devices or extend the amounts of Inputs/Outputs with the help of the FLX3402.

Power on the Flexy

Once wired, power on the Flexy The LED-pannel confirms the status of the Ewon device.


LED pattern on an unconfigured Ewon will be:

  • PWR - Solid GREEN
  • USR - Blinkling GREEN (Slowly)