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Registrirani uporabniki

Preko spodnjega obrazca registrirani uporabniki dostopate do tehnično podpornih vsebin za Ewon Flexy, OPC Router in KEPWARE OPC Server.

Neregistrirani uporabniki

Če še niste registrirani lahko svoj uporabniški profil za dostop do tehnično podpornih vsebin ustvarite z vnosom podatkov v spodnjem obrazcu.

Ob registraciji se strinjate s Politiko zasebnosti.

Set LAN IP address of Ewon using Web interface

Network requirements

Connection to the Talk2M servers requires outgoing connections using UDP (port 1194) and/or TCP (port 443).

Outgoing connection are usually allowed by default and don't need additional configuration or IT intervention.

If your connection site requires specific settings take a look to this TALK2M: Addresses & ports - solution sheet

Configure the Ewon

To establish the connection with a remote site, some additionals settings are required:

Internet configuration: Prepare the Ewon to use the on-site access point

Talk2M registration: Link the Ewon with a specific Talk2M account

LAN modification: Configure the Ewon LAN-IP to allow connection to the Machine/PLC/HMI

Ewon configuration can be achieved using:

USB Key: Using eCatcher and the Talk2M Easy Setup to generate the USB Config Key

Ewon Wizards: Using a Web Browser to locally configure the Ewon device

Ewon softwares

eCatcher: Download

The eCatcher software will allow the remote connection to the Ewons.

This software is also used to configure and manage the Talk2M account.

For each new Ewon, the local configuration can be done by USB or by using a unique Talk2M Key. 

eBuddy: Download

The eBuddy software allows the local connection to the Ewon.

This software is used to perform the Ewon configuration using one of the Ewon LAN ports. 

The default access IP of the Ewon is